Pink and taupe moodboard and invitation

Pink is the universal colour of love and is a favorite at weddings for those who love beauty. Most people see pink as a feminine, delicate colour. Pinks are a fabulous colour to use at weddings as it promotes feelings or care, love, tenderness and acceptance.

Popular pink shades for weddings are the soft baby pink, candy pink, fuschia pink, bright pink, hot pinks and the romantic dusky pinks. Whether your pink as a small ascent colour with silk and satin ribbons and pink flowers or go for the full pink theme pink wedding gown, pink cars and balloons your wedding will be sure to look like a fairytale.

Colours to Compliment Pink Weddings
When choosing colours to compliment pink you could start with your favorite colour, the colour of a certain flower you must have at your wedding or even what colours suit your grooms and bridesmaids skin tones.

Every colour comes in different shades and tones.  If you want you’re wedding to be warm and playful you should use neutral colours or other warm colours combined with hot pinks such as ivory, cream, soft purples and pale pinks. Remember with warm colours little is more and you don’t have to over do it small doses are often more effective then large doses when it comes to bright, strong colours. Bridesmaid dresses, cravats or the waist coat of the groom along with ribbons on the flowers or even the cake would be the perfect examples of where you could use an accent colour along to compliment the pink and tone it down it to create that perfect passionate wedding theme.

Adding shades of pink to certain neutral colours will not only add a splash of colour but will add sophistication in some cases, for example using pink as the accent colour to all shades of grey, ivory’s, creams, black and even navy will also give you a gorgeous expensive looking colour scheme for a sophisticated wedding.

Pink Wedding Decorations
Decorations besides the bride of course are a fabulous way to make a wedding have everybody saying ‘wow’. The perfect decorations should feature throughout your day displaying only the colours you have chosen for your theme. From pink flowers, balloons and confetti through to pink chair covers, ribbons and candles for day and pink napkins, table cloths, sparklers and centre pieces for night decorations can really make a wedding inviting and look stunning. Besides the usual decorations everybody thinks of its always nice to think hard and add personal touches that mean things to you to your decorations.