Bright colours

With all the exciting new colour trends that we have seen arrive on the scene in 2009, we couldn’t help ourselves but start designing new invitations!

The latest trend we all got very excited about, is the arrival of bright bold colours, almost luminous in nature, and to combine them with neutral greys and creams, to create fresh yet elegant themes for your weddings.

The trick is to use the bright colours in small amounts, in your accessories, bright bouquets, and just below the knee bridesmaids dresses, and to keep the larger areas in the neutral tones. Such as bright yellows, and bright pinks, combined with warm greys and creams.

Latest shades of pink

Pink has always been a popular choice for weddings, but this year sees the arrival of hot pink shades, almost neon. These combined with colours like nutmeg, stone or mocha, have been predicted to become the most popular choices for weddings in 2009 and 2010.

Red has also seen a comeback, but make sure to combine it with colours like mocha and cameo, to make sure the it stays elegant and contemporary.

Navy blues, silver and purple

2009 brides have also fallen in love with the latest shades of blue and silver, which ooze of elegance and style. Combined with bold and graphic patterns, they have quickly become one of our brides’  favourite colour choice. Especially for weddings in old castles and historic settings, these are a good match to round off your royal theme in style.

So hurry, and get the latest trend in your invitations, hot off the press! Because they are sure to become the brides favourite in 2009/2010!

Your Trend Scouts,
at Weddings by Legato